Minor Dents

Minor dents make up the majority of PDR work. They can be caused by car doors opening into your car in parking lots or anything hitting your car and causing an indentation. This type of damage can go unnoticed for some people but to others, they cant even look at the car without noticing the dent. To get this fixed at a body shop, you will be charged for prepping, body filler, paint, and labor on the panel. This process can leave you without a car for multiple days and cost you an arm and a leg.  Paint work can also leave you with a car that has mismatched panels.

Paintless dent repair fixes these dents in a matter of hours not days, and leaves you with a dent free car, factory paint job, and more money in your pocket!

PDR is the superior way to fix small dents 

Free Estimates and On-Site Repairs
 Here at Precision Dent Removal, we want to make the process of fixing your car as convienient as possible by offering mobile service to you.  We can do repairs virtually anywhere and will travel to you at your convenience to fix your damage. We also offer free estimates if a picture of the dent is emailed to us to make sure PDR can fix it!

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Creases and Body Line Dents
Creases and body line dents require much more skill to remove by means of PDR meaning that not every dent guy out there can restore this kind of damage without completely failing or cracking paint off. If you have this kind of damage, it is important to choose a technician that is skilled in that area and can deliver you a flawless finished product.  

Here at Precision Dent Removal, we pride ourselves in having the skill to tackle these types of dents and making your car look new again. 
 Hail Damage and Major Repairs
Here in Central Illinois, spring brings lots of rain and thunderstorms. There is always a possibility of your car being damaged by hail.  If you are ever one of the unlucky ones that has their car dented by hail, DO NOT REPAINT YOUR CAR! Chances are, your car can be completely restored with paintless dent removal and may take less than a day to completely finish the repair. The difference between PDR and conventional body work when it comes to Hail Damage is a savings of several thousand dollars on the repair, all factory panels are left intact, and you dont have to be without a car for nearly as long. A body shop could take weeks to finish a hail job.   

Precision Dent Removal can repair hail damage on any vehicle and We do work with Insurance Companies.

On-Site Paintless Dent Repair provided to the following areas: Champaign, IL  Urbana, IL  Rantoul, IL     Paxton, IL  Gibson City, IL  Hoopeston, IL  Danville, IL  Tuscola, IL  Arcola, IL  Arthur, IL  Sullivan, IL    Shelbyville, IL  Charleston, IL  Mattoon, IL   Tolono, IL  Mahomet, IL  Farmer City, IL  Clinton, IL  Bloomington/Normal, IL  El Paso, IL    Neoga, IL  Teutopolis, IL  Vandalia, IL  Clifton, IL  Kankakee, IL   Lexington, IL  Wenona, IL  Springfield, IL  Peoria, IL  Pekin, IL  Tremont, IL  Washington, IL  Watseka, IL   Pontiac, IL  Morton, IL  Taylorville, IL  Pana, IL   Lincoln, IL  Monticello, IL  Decatur, IL  Forsyth, IL  and surrounding areas.
Email pictures to [email protected] to determine whether your damage can be repaired with PDR and I will estimate ABOUT how much the repair will cost.
All repairs will be accurately estimated in person after an appointment has been made. There is no charge for estimates if a picture is sent beforehand.  Cost of blind estimates is determined by miles driven to reach you.   
Based out of Champaign, IL
Owner: Tyler Scott   Professional Paintless Dent Removal Technician
Call/Text: 217-778-1877 to set up appointments.

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